If you’ve lost your vehicle title (Pink Slip) or if it inadvertently got fed into the shredder, you need to order a duplicate title. Even if your car is not on the market, you’ll eventually need the title for when the day comes to sell. Regardless of what reason you may need the title for you should always have the original or a duplicate title. The old title is automatically voided so your new title will be the one that you will use.

What do I need?

  • Keep in mind, though, that the true/legal owner must sign the form and have it notarized.
  • When filling out the application do not forget to include:
    • Owner’s full name.
    • Owner’s current address.
    • Owner’s driver license number.
    • Vehicle’s license plate number.
    • Signature to the statement of facts about what happened to the title.
    • Damaged title, if applicable.