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Auto Registration Service

Renew Your Plates

Plate Renewal

Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Rtvs, trailers and more. Lets get your Renewal done fast and easy.

Vehicle Transfer

Don’t keep the car under your name transfer it now to transfer liability! Let us help!

Duplicate Registration

If you lost your registration come in to Yessenia’s we can provide you with an instant copy!

Duplicate Title

Loosing your title or more commonly known as pink slip can be a mess let us help you sort it out.

Duplicate Tags

Duplicate tags or stickers must be replaced immediately when they are lost, stolen, or mutilated.

Duplicate Plates

If you lost or stole your plates you can come into Yessenia’s and we have plates in stock!

Out Of State

Welcome to California! We can help with out of state transfers. Don’t wait let us take care of you!


Unfortunately well all need insurance but it’s easy and we provide coverage at a low cost!