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About Us

Yessenia’s Service started in the San Fernando Valley in Pacoima California in the early 1990. Yessenia’s first started providing tax preparation services to the community. Helping people helping in the community understand the need for filing there taxes. The company grew and so did our services. We started providing additional services like notary public and auto insurance.

After being in the market for so many years we expanded our insurance to include home, business, general liability, bonds, and other types of insurance that are need in every day life. Our customers grew so did our business. We have been expanding the Yessenia’s brand ever since.

In 2018 Yessenia’s started providing Auto Registration services. We noticed a lot of our customers would complain about the lines and the customer service they would get when going to the Department of Motor Vehicles. We open the service and our customer love knowing that they can get insurance and all the registration services in one place.

We currently have three locations in the San Fernando Valley from Pacoima, Panorama City all the way to Canoga Park. Our location does not only serve local clients but also people throughout California. We are very happy to be your choice for professional services, and we can guarantee you will always leave happy.